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The best features all at an affordable price.

Seeking a server in the GTA? Discover our high-performance servers with customizable hardware configurations, offering more CPU and RAM for less money. Build your customized server according to your preferences and requirements. Your server, designed your way!

Managed Performance, Security, & Updates

Gain the advantage of a comprehensive suite of services including managed performance optimization, robust security measures, and timely updates for your server configuration.

Expandable RAM & storage

Leverage our server solutions offering expandable RAM and storage capabilities. With the flexibility to customize and effortlessly scale your resources, you can effectively meet evolving demands with ease. Discover the possibilities today!

Our Data Center In Toronto

In building our Toronto datacenter, we aimed for a modern, efficient, and client-friendly facility. We collaborated with industry experts like Eaton, Caterpillar, Daikin, APC, Tate, Honeywell, and ASCO to create outstanding features and benefits.

Our team of engineers oversaw every milestone to bring this vision to life successfully. The result? An exceptional datacenter for our clients.

24/7 NOC
Slab-to-slab cement walls
Fully redundant electricity power
High use of free cooling

Start A new Business from 0 to 1


A website is only the beginning of what you need.

Create a mobile-friendly, free website for your business, then watch it take off with built-in marketing.

Servers Advanced Features

Save time as our experts handle installation of security patches, Ubuntu OS updates, PHP releases, and the latest WordPress versions.

When it comes to web servers, one size does not fit all! Choose between Apache or Nginx.

Build something great.

Node.js works best in a powerful VPS environment. Let your server-side JavaScript freak flag fly!

Live the command-line life. Gain secure remote access and get down to business.

WordPress is just a click away. Our automated installer installs WordPress and several other web apps in just seconds!

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